How we work with Interior Designers

At Impact Lighting we work closely with many of our local interior designers to ensure they not only achieve the overall desired look of their project, but that the light levels are accurate for the required usage.
We work to find solutions for every budget, while balancing this with your clients needs.
We offer your clients a full interactive showroom, showcasing reliable lighting, and designer fittings with a difference.
Our suppliers from around the world, have chosen Impact Lighting as their appointed distributor for many reasons. Leading this is almost 20 years in customer satisfaction.

  • Our strengths include the ability to balance the needs of your client within a budget suitable to the project.
  • We have a full showroom showcasing designer fittings from around the world including Italy, Spain and America. To provide your client lighting with a difference.
  • We have a full range of catalogs, if we don't have it on display, we will be happy to source this for you.