Lighting Design


We have almost 20 years of experience as a lighting designer to provide you with the best advice. We can do everything to do with lighting from batches, apartments and architecturally designed homes, to retail fit-outs, street lighting and commercial properties.

As we are importers, wholesalers and consultants we enjoy a significant point of difference - we can provide the best product at the best price because we import selectively and exclusively and distribute to other retailers.


We prefer to make contact with the client as soon as the first drawings are complete because that's the stage where a plan can be developed in concept with the house or building design.

The consultancy process involves establishing a good rapport with, and an understanding of the client, including your interests and expectations.

Getting to know you is one part of the process, so that the interior and exterior effects provide that 'wow' factor and will reflect your personality.


The development of a detailed lighting plan will consider reticulation information, accessories such as dimmers and special effects, task lighting, style and type of fittings, outside floodlighting, path lights and landscape lighting.

With many different lamp options available, each designed for various purposes including long lasting LEDs, halogen and fluorescent it is important to get the right advice and the right product for the job.