There are some important aspects you need to consider when installing LED Lighting in your home.

Advantages of LED Lighting include

  • Low energy consumption
  • Extended Lamp Life
  • Heat reduction
  • Cost effective over time
  • LED Lamps available to retrofit standard lighting fixtures.
  • Available in a large number of colours and very adaptable to suit numerous applications.

Disadvantages of LED include
  • Quality LED lighting can be more expensive than standard lighting initially.
  • Poor colour rendering on cheaper LED fittings
  • Unable to replace lamp, when fitting fails.
  • This often results in replacement of the whole light fixture.
  • Insist on Quality and enjoy all the benefits that LED lighting offers.

LED now comes in a variety of forms from strip lighting under vanities, cabinets, stairways and pools. To individual diodes in each fitting, like wall lamps and ceiling domes.

LED in cheaper fittings is generally not as bright and often glary compared to traditional lighting. It is therefore important you get our advice to ensure you will have the correct light output for the room.

Getting a quality LED fitting is very important as cheaper fittings will have poor colour rendering. I.e fade in brightness over time. Electrical costs to replace faulty fittings are expensive, buying quality products from a reliable supplier will ensure replacements are available.